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Capture the Upside, Cushion the Downside: The Target Allocation Strategy


About the Webinar

Despite the recent uptick, there remains a lot of uncertainties with regards to the market’s direction. Is October 2022 the bottom and are we on the cusp of a new bull rally? Or will an impending recession drag down earnings and market multiples, setting off a long awaited down-leg?

Correspondingly investors are asking the questions, “how best do we play this uncertain outlook?”,“is a pure long only bond portfolio the way to go?” or “should investors adopt a dollar-cost averaging strategy?”.

We believe the preferred strategy at this juncture is that of a 80/20 bond & equity portfolio, aimed to be held over 5 years. In-house we call this the Target Allocation Portfolio (TAP), which is designed to allows investors to capture the market’s upside potential while cushioning any declines.

Join us for a look into how the TAP does all of this.

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