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Everything You Need to Know About Buying Health Insurance in Singapore


About the Webinar

Amid the backdrop of ever-increasing healthcare costs, health insurance remains an essential cornerstone of financial protection against unexpected medical expenses, ensuring that your access quality healthcare does not come at the expense of draining your hard-earned savings - or worse get yourself into debts.

Through this webinar by veteran Financial Advisory Manager Tan Mern Hau Francis, you will better understand the various types of hospitalisation insurance policies available in Singapore and how they work, including:

MediShield Life: Singapore's national healthcare insurance scheme that provides basic protection.

Integrated shield plans: Private plans that provide additional benefits in conjunction with MediShield Life

Private health insurance plans: Standalone policies that work independently of MediShield Life.

Whether you're navigating insurance for yourself or your family, this webinar equips you with essential knowledge so that you will be empowered to have meaningful conversations with your chosen financial consultant to get the right coverage you need.

Don't miss this opportunity to start (or advance on) your journey towards comprehensive healthcare protection.

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