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Bridging the Protection Gap: What You Need to Know Before Buying Critical Illness Insurance


About the Webinar

Recent statistics from the LIA reveal a concerning 74% critical illness (CI) coverage gap among Singapore residents - perhaps due to a lack of understanding of how CI solutions work and strategies for getting comprehensive CI protection in a cost-effective manner.

Join us for this insights-packed webinar where Sim Kang Heong and Chong Zhe Han from Financial Alliance demystify the complexities of Critical Illness (CI) insurance and equip you with the knowledge to better understand, evaluate, and appreciate the myriad of critical illness solutions in the market.

This includes exploring the pros and cons of single vs multi-pay plans, getting critical illness coverage through standalone plans vs riders, as well as the importance of looking at the fine print when considering early-stage policies. Through the webinar, we will also show you how those with certain pre-existing conditions can still get critical illness coverage.

Finally, we will discuss key factors to consider when planning your CI coverage, including budgeting (with insights on annual premiums), aligning plans with your needs, and evaluating specific features from different insurers.

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